Poetry by Jeff Green


The World has Changed

by cricketjeff on June 8, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The World is not the way it used to be
I’m sure we thought that it could never change
Our foolish fear put limits on the free
While half the World thought freedom far too strange

And now I’m flying high above a land 
My younger self could never even name
The pace of life is hard to understand
Perhaps the bloody Internet’s to blame

It isn’t right there’s centuries to go
We need to learn the ways to be the best
But deep red dawn has given such a show
That maybe I believe we’ll do the rest

If fifty years can alter everything
I wonder what another few will bring

Author notes

I watched the sun sink slowly over Moscow and rise as a deep red rose over Tashkent, skirting the dawn on a flight from London to Beijing, DAMN the world has changed!