Poetry by Jeff Green


The Great Wall of China

by cricketjeff on June 11, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

“Invasion adroitly opposed!”
The Great Wall of China was closed.

We went from the office to see
The Wall that the Emperor’s built
To keep their grand enterprise free
When armies had started to wilt.

The traffic was painfully slow,
But all of us wanted to go.

“The cable car’s down for repairs”
So we had to walk on our feet
Perhaps they have run out of spares
To make their transporter complete

It’s really to steep for a walk
I ran and was too puffed to talk.

Then, as we got on it, the rain
Was hurled in a storm from the clouds.
The weather can be such a pain,
At least it got rid of the crowds.

Our party was rapidly hosed
The Great Wall of China was closed

When soldiers were marching for days
To man all the towers on the wall
I doubt they could see through the haze
No wonder their empire would fall

It’s such a magnificent sight
I wish I could walk it by night

Some places are battered and bust
They’ve rebuilt and mended the rest
A visit to see it’s a must
To walk it’s a terrible test!

Though Beijing is stuffy and hot
The wall can make up for a lot

And now I’ve left China behind
For London, for forks and for tea
The wall will live long in my mind
It’s something you just have to see

I know that there’s lots more to see
Next time maybe you’ll come with me

And if you can go there yourself
Be careful to pick the right date
The guidebook is there on the shelf
So check it (or ring up a mate)

I’m sure there’s a place they’ll disclose
The days that The Great Wall will close!

Author notes

posting first stanza before I lose the net connection

the rest when back in London