Poetry by Jeff Green


If I could bring you laughter

by cricketjeff on June 14, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

If I could bring you laughter would you wear a pretty smile
And if I should kiss you after would you stay around a while
Would you tell me you were happy and return my kiss with glee
What a snappy happy chappy I would be

If we were walking slowly arm in arm beside a stream
And if I should whisper lowly that my life was like a dream
Would you hold me for forever make me feel that I was king
Then this never clever Trevor’d start to sing

When we meet will you embrace me as a long lost lover should
Turn your pretty eyes to face me let me know you’re feeling good
I would give you such a squeezing if it all took place this way
What a teasing pleasing easing sort of day!