Poetry by Jeff Green


Silent seduction.

by cricketjeff on November 28, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Approaching from behind you I hold you round the waist
I bend you back and kiss you, to know just how you taste
Not waiting for your answer, I pull you on the floor
Just half an hour of dancing and then the chance to score!
I haven’t spoken to you yet, no need of words it seems
The way you look up at me, I’ve stepped out from your dreams

Out to my car I steer you, I haven’t asked your name
I do not want to love you, just play you in my game
In the car you kiss me, your mouth is open wide
For the moment just my tongue is what I slip inside
Home I drive to love you, in passion on my bed
The need to ask permission doesn’t enter in my head

All night long we love and lust, you give as much as I
Anyway that love can be is a way that we will try
Morning comes I drive you home, and see you to your door
I do not ask your number, you do not ask for more
Still we haven’t spoken, seduction’s in the mind
Some times you win with passion, and not by being kind

Author notes


Didn’t really turn out a seduction!
It can be fun to write totally out of character, I have never gone more than about 5 minutes without speaking, even when asleep!