Poetry by Jeff Green


Sunset caresses

by cricketjeff on June 18, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The golden light of sunset falls across her naked breast
And far away he sees her in his mind
She feels her silent lover as her body is possessed
By dreams that leave reality behind
His words are soft caresses and she searches for his lips
Seductively undresses helped by unseen fingertips

He’s with her in the bedroom as he’s sleeping far away
His dreams are satin sheets that brush her skin
Her breaths are soft and shallow as she waits for him to play
An orchestra of love notes will begin
She reads his latest letter and she feels the steady beat
Her lover’s heart inside her makes an empty bed complete

They’re wrapped around each other as the miles are decomposed
By dreams they share across the summer night
Her sighs are heard as whispers as his touch is unopposed
Presenting her with visions of delight
His syllables so sensual dissolve the heartless miles
And let her sleep beside him dressed in nothing but her smiles

Tomorrow she will miss him but tonight is full of fun
Two lovers unconcerned about the world
In dreams they’ve shared forever new romances are begun
And secret hopes are silently unfurled
They write alternate verses of the dreams that will come true
When they can share the magic of the sunset’s changing hue