Poetry by Jeff Green


Not going to bed

by cricketjeff on June 21, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When words start to tumble and fumble for meaning
Collapsing in chaos like wheat in the rain
I wake to the puzzle of snores intervening
I’ve fallen asleep in the chair once again

If I go to bed I may lie without sleeping
Counting the daydreams that flow through my mind
But sat on a chair I can doze without sheeping
Leaving insomnia’s curses behind

The sound from the TV is fuzzy and muffled
The thoughts in my head making no sort of sense
But somehow I’m feeling at peace and unruffled
Proving perhaps I am overly dense

Awake with a start feeling aching and shivers
My wrist is asleep full of needles and pins
It’s off up to bed where my pillow delivers
Rivers of dreams in which everyone wins

Author notes

Yeah, I fell asleep in the chair last night …