Poetry by Jeff Green


Lunchtime walks

by cricketjeff on June 22, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a family of goslings eating breadcrumbs over there
And a swan who thinks he’d like to eat some too,
There’s a pretty girl sunbathing who is very nearly bare,
In the sunshine I can smile and dream of you.
On the golf course lines of golfers spoil a very pleasant walk
And the ice-cream van attracts a milling queue,
Half a dozen local mothers watch their children as they talk
And I stroll along the banks and think of you.
There’s a narrow boat reversing with a figure-heading dog
And an interested herring gull or two,
I shall stop and look at nature on this shady fallen log
While I eat a little lunch and dream of you.
Will the moorhens stop their fussing long enough to raise their brood?
Will the mallards ever stop that ballyhoo?
There’s a sparrow and his mrs who would like to share my food
But I’m not prepared to share my thoughts of you.
Now it’s time to leave this idyll find the road, head back to work
Leave the sun alone to entertain his crew;
In an outer London office towpath walks are quite a perk
And they always make me want to be with you.