Poetry by Jeff Green


Daydreaming the day away

by cricketjeff on June 24, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

If you’re feeling office stresses,
Pretty girls in summer dresses,
Who are shaking sexy tresses,
Make the world a better place.

All the bosses are berserking
While you’re far too busy working,
Dreaming you were sitting shirking
Gazing at a pretty face.

Can you find the time to ponder
When you’ll get the chance to wander,
Where the kissing lips are fonder
Than the running of this race.

Every minute’s getting sweeter
As it’s nearing time to meet ‘er
And you know that you will greet ‘er,
With a certain air of grace.

Putting off until tomorrow
Any thought of toil or sorrow,
From the moment that you borrow
Happiness in her embrace.