Poetry by Jeff Green


DM saves the day (as usual)

by cricketjeff on June 25, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It isn’t that Penfold’s not plucky
He just thinks he could be unlucky
So when there’s a flap on
He turns the hot tap on
And hides in the bath with his ducky

DM isn’t like his assistant
And when there’s a call he’s insistent
No cowardice showing
They have to get going
The bad Baron Greenback’s persistent

He’s aiming his ray at The Tower
And soon it’s replaced by a flower
Now Colonel K’s calling
The plan’s so appalling
But Dangermouse knows it’s his hour

Stiletto (the Baron’s first croney)
Replaces Big Ben with a phoney
The baron applauds him
But never rewards him
He sadly responds “Si, Barone”

The Mouse and the Hamster must hurry
Before everyone starts to worry
The changes look pretty
But down in the city
The bankers will get in a flurry

It’s off into space for our hero
To stamp out a criminal Nero
There’ll be a big punch up
The Frog coughs his lunch up
And ends up a loser worth Zero

Now having restored every house
Once blasted by Greenback, the louse
It’s back home for dinner
For our famous winner
The wonderf’ly brave Dangermouse!

Author notes


He’s The Best
He’s The Greatest
He’s The Greatest Secret Agent In The World!
He’s The Ace – He’s Amazing…
He’s the Strongest… He’s The Quickest…. He’s The Best!

DangerMouse, for those of you who DON’T know, is a cartoon superhero created in England By Cosgrove/Hall Productions Limited in the early 1980s.
Very well known in the UK and shown on Nickelodeon years ago in the US.
The stories are all ludicrous and incredibly cheaply produced but brilliantly voiced by David Jason.

DM is my hero!!!