Poetry by Jeff Green


Take Heed!

by cricketjeff on June 26, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As a pretty little toddler she adored her teddy bear,
Until she woke one morning and she found it wasn’t there.
How could a tiny misfit be to blame for tragedy;
The “Toyshop Where They Found the Bear Explosion Mystery!”

She was only six or seven when her special little friend
Was moving with his parents, so he said it had to end.
The lorry with their home in never made that other town,
As she tidied daddy’s spanners she had grace enough to frown.

A girlfriend of her teenage years discovered teenage boys,
And left their cosy friendship for these new exciting toys.
Coincidence they called it when her “gang” all disappeared,
These things all seem to happen when some fool has interfered.

The first time she was jilted there were stories in the press,
They found his floating body in a sexy mini-dress.
If she dumps them they stay living, feeling emptiness inside,
But everyone who’s tried to leave discovers they have died.

It’s safe to be her lover if you’re true to how you feel
And only claim to love her when you’re certain love is real
But never pull a fast one or “discover someone new”,
These verses tell you plainly what will happen if you do!