Poetry by Jeff Green


The only way to put it right

by cricketjeff on June 27, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When everything goes wrong, despite the weather,
When nothing seems to work the way it should,
When all your friends can’t hold themselves together,
There’s only one thing left that’s always good.

When railways are closed for engineering
And buses never run to routes or times
When you’re convinced the end of life is nearing
There’s one thing left that soothes away all crimes

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Will be as bad unless they’re even worse
What isn’t misery is abject sorrow
But there’s a way that you can lift the curse

When living is disaster’s aftermath
You fix it all by soaking in the bath!

Author notes

And now, I shall put the computer to one side, slide my head under the water for a moment, resurface and fall asleep …