Poetry by Jeff Green


Weekend recreations

by cricketjeff on June 28, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The countryside’s a symphony of every shade of green
Accompanied by birds who love to sing
A village green of cricketers completes the rural scene
While toddlers tire their mothers on the swing
A table in the garden of the friendly local pub
With hoards of hungry hoodlums who appreciate the grub

The ducks all dive and dabble in the pond beneath the trees
And children try to tease them with their bread
A kestrel hangs unmoving on the gentle summer breeze
And looks for voles to keep his nestlings fed
A father’s teaching football to a boy too small to learn
While mother isn’t watching in a show of unconcern

A lady’s German shepherd chases rabbits by a stream
Her four year old advises from afar
And someone’s watching progress from the middle of a dream
Of trading in his push-bike for a car
Ignoring roaring jet planes as they crawl across the sky
All full of eager tourists bidding English scenes goodbye

The men in shorts and t-shirts that they ought to throw away
The women wearing pretty floral frocks
A slice of life in England on a sunny summer day
When nothing worth a glance is on the box
A perfect chocolate box lid but a thought occurs to me
The scene would be deserted if we’d beaten Germany!