Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on July 1, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

His grandad was our greatest King, his father wrote the law,
His sisters married kings from far and wide.
A family of mighty men, they ruled with brain and awe,
A combination that won’t be denied.
When Athelstan made Englishman from Angle, Dane and Celt
Nobody asked the Scots and Welsh about the way they felt

Before these reigns lords took their strains in local petty states
The Danes and other raiders took their pick
They stripped the food and other wealth to give it to their mates
Which left the Saxon kingdoms feeling sick
But Athelstan made Englishman from Angle Celt and Dane
The Welsh and Scots had centuries to moan about their pain

King Alfred burnt a peasant’s cakes but turned the wars around
He slaughtered those who killed his father’s sons
Reconquered all the Southern lands including London’s ground
Without the help of missiles tanks and guns
And Athelstan made Englishman from Saxon and the rest
The Welsh and Scots acknowledged him but now think him a pest

Then Edward, Alfred’s second son, continued with the fight
And almost all of England fell in line
Despite some early setbacks he put all his foes to flight
His rival kings decided to resign
Then Athelstan made Englishman from all the country’s men
The Welsh and Scots and foreigners could not split them again

From Lands End to the Shetland Isles they knelt for Athelstan
And for a while these islands rang with peace
With Welsh Kings’ aid he routed Scots, they crumbled to a man
Rebellions and risings had to cease
So Athelstan made Englishman and ruled his neighbours too
Without the like of these great kings I couldn’t write for you!

Author notes

Well it’s more or less true-ish!