Poetry by Jeff Green


Moonlight everywhere

by cricketjeff on July 2, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A summer night with balmy breeze
A squirrel running through the trees
Above a prowling siamese
And moonlight everywhere

A blackbird chatters at the night
A gentle sound of sweet delight
While he is hidden out of sight
With moonlight everywhere

The street is stilled no people move
No engines roar to disapprove
All nature’s murmurs seem to prove
There’s moonlight everywhere

Across the world the shadows creep
Past restless bodies counting sheep
To find the spot where you will sleep
There’s moonlight even there

A goodnight kiss upon her face
The Moon will bring my warm embrace
Though she could never take my place
Her moonlight takes me there

Those pure white rays that touched my eyes
Now cut away the daytime lies
To wash you in the sweet surprise
Of moonlight’s gentle care

I know you’ll love the simple dreams
That rain down in her silver beams
All life’s as simple as it seems
When moonlight’s everywhere