Poetry by Jeff Green


Spoiling the Food

by cricketjeff on July 3, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Perhaps they think it’s custard as they lay it on the steak
But a quarter inch of mustard is a terrible mistake
The finest bit of sirloin isn’t half as nice a treat
If you bite into your sandwich and you cannot taste the meat!

Perhaps they feel unwanted if they leave things as they are
But these chefs should learn they’re losers if they carry things too far
We all like little extras that can make a meal complete
But it isn’t worth the eating if you cannot taste the meat!

It is not too much to ask them I’d have thought it saved them time
If you say please serve my sandwich but omit that heinous crime
Just forget the piles of condiment that bring the extra heat
It is not a “Great Steak Sandwich” If you can’t taste any meat!