Poetry by Jeff Green


Summer Shopping

by cricketjeff on July 4, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’ve nipped out for some shopping, just a bit of that and this,
Some bread and milk, and sweet’ners for my tea;
But in my mind I’m walking to a pair of lips to kiss
And somebody who’s waiting there for me.
The city street’s a little track that leads down to the beach,
The traffic noise – the breakers on the sand.
It’s sunny here and sunny there, the perfect day’s in reach,
Beside a girl who’ll always understand.

The checkout’s not a checkout, it’s a little seafront bar,
I’m buying us some cheerful summer drinks;
Or maybe we’ll go driving in her open touring car,
I’ll watch the scene she’ll watch out for my winks.
A winding road that’s climbing up a valley in the hills,
A waterfall sprays sunlight through the trees,
We giggle at a rabbit and avoid the thrills and spills,
In daydreams mountain driving is a breeze.

We park and start a ramble up a path towards the peak,
The views grow ever larger with each pace.
A hand to hold while walking and without the need to speak
We’re standing locked together face to face.
Perhaps the hill’s a bedroom, or at least a grassy bank,
It must be I can hear a mountain stream,
I’m back inside my kitchen and the perfect picture’s blank,
I cannot live forever in a dream.