Poetry by Jeff Green


Decisively Ditching Decisions

by cricketjeff on July 5, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Today my first decision was deciding to decide
Decisions are a pointless waste of time.
We sit and think for ages, look for facts that want to hide,
Instead of getting dressed to start the climb.

Deciding that decisions were not worth the time they waste
Allowed me time to think of many thoughts;
I’ve now ditched indecision and just doing things in haste,
Another two of living’s greatest warts.

If you decide decisions aren’t the flavour of the day,
Then you and I can settle down to see,
The mess that the decisive few can find along the way,
While we just muddle through quite carelessly.

Decisions aren’t decided by the organised and great,
They happen as they happen anyhow,
We’ll live today untrammelled, in an undeciding state,
And that is my decision (just for now!)