Poetry by Jeff Green


There Are Silly Summer Breezes

by cricketjeff on July 6, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There are silly summer breezes, and the song of water pleases,
As you climb a mountain path in early June.
There are fearless sheep to face you but their charms can not replace you,
As you walk along the lazy afternoon.
When the sky is full of pillows and some candy-flossy billows,
You can see the shapes of animals above;
It’s a crazy sort of feeling and you know that you’re revealing,
That you’ve lost the plot and dived straight into love.

She is happiness beside you and her kiss is not denied you,
As you turn to help her climb a broken style.
When your lips are merged together, in the balmy summer weather,
You monopolise the footpath for a while.
Then it’s back to silent walking, it’s your eyes that do the talking,
With the perfect view around you both ignored.
There are dreams of years of caring, and a life of love and sharing,
For a thousand years you know you won’t be bored.

Then the sunset paints the valleys, as the day’s accounting tallies,
And you head back to the world where people live.
Arm in arm and single-minded, just two foolish lovers blinded
By the thoughts of all the pleasures they will give.
Summer days may be idyllic but we’re really noctophillic,
At our happiest with stars and moon in sight,
There are thoughts too bright to smother, when you’re wrapped up in each other,
With the prospect of an early summer night.