Poetry by Jeff Green


The Dictionary of You and Me

by cricketjeff on July 8, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The dictionary of you and me is filled with lover’s words
The rhyming lilt of poets and the music of the birds
We’ll write the perfect romance adding chapters every day
And friends will rush to tell us that our lives are like a play

Each year will see a sequel with another happy end
The hero wins his sweetheart and she’s stays his firmest friend
You’ll fill them with compassion and I’ll add a touch of lust
With twist and turns of plot-lines and a little cut and thrust

The words we have invented will give other lovers hope
And show them how to manage when they marry or elope
The answers to all questions are contained within our verse
And we’re the starring actors in the roles we should rehearse

So take you pen and scribble write a scene for you and me
That ends with lots of kisses and a night of ecstasy