Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on July 10, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You are not a perfect painting, nor the sunset touched by fire,
You aren’t blackbirds singing sonnets in the trees.
You are not a diamond necklace that all jewel thieves desire
But your single glance can set me at my ease
When an artist needs a model he may pick another girl
But the thought that I may see you puts my dreaming in a whirl

You aren’t classical perfection, nor an ancient statue’s head,
Yours is not the face that launched a thousand ships.
There may be a million lovers who don’t dream of you in bed,
But I need to feel your warm and tender lips.
You are not on every poster you aren’t everybody’s girl
But I’d rather find you near me than a perfect river pearl

You are not by Botticelli, you aren’t Mozart’s only muse
And van Gogh would never send his ear to you.
But you are the perfect lover I would rather die than lose.
You’re the only sketch my heartache ever drew.
You may not be in the papers but you are the only girl
With a giggle in her whisper that can make my daydreams curl!

Author notes

I was reading Neruda, and this happened.