Poetry by Jeff Green


Sir Percival Peterson-Arundel-Preen

by cricketjeff on July 11, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Sir Percival Peterson-Arundel-Preen
Sold fish for a living and stood for The Queen
His Father (Sir Marmaduke), Fifth Baronet
Left nothing but surnames and mountains of debt

His fishmongers shop on the left by the green
Was a shrine to his past and his hero, The Queen
So proud of his white fish, fresh in every day
And all of the villagers queued up to pay

His father (Sir Marmaduke) married Kathleen
And loved to go racing and chat to the Queen
But gambled on long-shots and three legged hacks
Who ran like small hamsters with pigs on their backs

So Percival Peterson-Arundel-Preen
Could never go racing nor chat to the Queen
He served in his fish shop for six days a week
With wonderful patter and plenty of cheek

In Jubilee year just before Halloween
Sir Percival sat and he drank to the Queen
Then answered the phone (well he would, it had rung)
And leapt in the air just as though he’d been stung

So Percival Peterson-Arundel-Preen
Was stood in his fish shop awaiting the Queen
Her tour of the country had brought her to see
The village and fish shop and Percival P

His shop was so tidy and shiny and clean
Prepared for the visit of HM the Queen
And Percival bowed to the Queen at the door
As soon as she spoke he collapsed on the floor

The Queen said “Your father was Marmaduke Preen?”
“I owed him five shillings or I’m not the Queen”
He gave one a tip on the Derby, in fun,
It romped home in third at one hundred to one

Now Percival Peterson-Arundel-Preen
Is standing at Ascot a guest of the Queen
She gave him the money and granted one wish
A regular order for all sorts of fish

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