Poetry by Jeff Green


The virgin lover

by cricketjeff on November 30, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Alone in your room I see you
Silently sleeping in bed
From virginity’s shackles I’ll free you
And feed you on loving instead
Slipping beneath your covers
Exploring your breasts as you lie
Before we become secret lovers
Your passion will light up the sky
You wake and you turn toward me
Your body is open to me
Your beauty is there to reward me
Your treasure is mine for free
My lips trace their way to your nipples
I bite you and suck you within
Already I’m feeling the ripples
Of your journey that’s soon to begin
My fingers find lips that need teasing
A bud that is standing alone
Your sounds show my actions are pleasing
From you mouth comes a soft wistful moan
My fingers are questing within you
They cannot get in very far
You promise my fingers can win you
Your body has shown what you are
Your muscles contract on two digits
My thumb finds the key to release
My pressure is causing your fidgets
Your moaning is on the increase
Fingers replaced by my member
You force yourself hard onto me
You know that you’ll always remember
This moment you chose to be free
A scream ends, I’m fully inside you
Your mouth is now searching my lips
As faster and faster I ride you
Our bodies a blur at the hips
Moaning and shouting your feelings
Your fingers rake over my back
You murmur your praise at my dealings
I suffer your frenzied attack
By now my own passion has risen
I’m thrusting and filling the way
My seed has escaped from it’s prison
Released by the passion of play
Together we lie to recover
Basking in love that’s so sure
Then you turn with your bum to your lover
And whisper to me “just two more…”