Poetry by Jeff Green


Life’s so Confusing

by cricketjeff on July 12, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Life’s so confusing there’s far too much choosing
And not enough ice-cream and cake
You spend your time working and trouble is lurking
For each time you make a mistake

The mornings come early with fraught hurly-burly
When you should be sleeping in bed
And home-time’s too late for the moments you wait for
To have enough time in your head

At night sleep is tricky it’s hot and it’s sticky
In winter it’s nasty and cold
There’s not enough loving just pushing and shoving
Such effort for not enough gold

So I stick to dreaming of Moons that are beaming
And finding you here by my side
It’s not such a bad life if you skip the mad life
Where all of your passions must hide

Just show me your smiling while we sit here whiling
The hours that are ours on our own
And I won’t mind living and I’ll start forgiving
The years that I’ve spent all alone