Poetry by Jeff Green


Half Haunted

by cricketjeff on July 13, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s not every day that you hear from a ghost
Nor giggle to see his ridiculous boast
Don’t worry about it he’s floating on beer
I doubt that his mind is perceptive or clear
Ventriloquist’s dummy or just a disguise
It’s easy to see through the fog in his eyes
Depression awaits if you try to respond
Unpleasantness lives in a slough of despond
A fool full of vitriol topped up with booze
Looks daft on the page as he struggles to lose
I wonder if he knows how small he appears
The shadow of talent still peeps through the tears
You know he once had it and gave it away
So pity the toper who’s lost it today
Back then it was easy the words were within
And beer always gave him a way to begin
Can’t help feeling sorry he’s back on the soup
Keep him out of trouble his name’s *********

Author notes

I saw a sad little ghost early this morning, there’s always a clue if you look.