Poetry by Jeff Green


Unseen Opportunity

by cricketjeff on July 14, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Her silent dreams lay tattered at his feet,
He never knew her heart could be his own.
Too many years she waited as he missed
The opportunity that others craved.
Her mute appeal discarded on the floor,
While he went home to loneliness each night.
Two wasted lives, two souls that never met
A tragedy of modern office life.

Yet it had seemed a fairy story start —
A brand new boss, a pretty, single, girl.
They went to lunch, they joked, they told their friends,
But neither one could find the strength to speak.
Now she’s moved on, in tears she’s moved away,
While he remains, not living every day.

Author notes

I know it is cheating to rhyme the final couplet in a blank verse poem but I rather like the way it brings focus to the end. And in my defence much blank verse writing does use such “poetic punctuation”.