Poetry by Jeff Green


A Small Mistake

by cricketjeff on July 16, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When Gordon T Goodacre strode to the tee
The crowd were all hushed to a man
The hole was a short one, an easy par three
An eagle was Gordon T’s plan

When Gordon Goodacre selected his club
His caddy was knocked to the floor
A putter for driving is rarely the nub
Of anyone’s best ever score

When Gordon T Goodacre wound up to drive
The gasp was as loud as a gale
Surely no golfer who still seems alive
Looked any more likely to fail

Now Gordon Goodacre is looking absurd
A stain on the pride of the game
He’s twelve over par and approaching the third
And somebody must be to blame

One Justin de Beaucastle made a mistake
His mistyped a T for a D
The tournament secretary should be awake
To the prospects of such tragedy

Poor Gordon D Goodacre scowls at the screen
He’s sure he’d be leading the field
But none of his talent will ever be seen
The door to his future’s been sealed!

Author notes

The Open Golf Championship is all over the TV atm, I thought it needed a counterblast.