Poetry by Jeff Green


Sharing the Moon

by cricketjeff on July 18, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Is the Moon you see the same as shines on me
And can she make each wish a dream come true?
And are your stars a glimpse of ecstasy,
That I can only see when I see you?

Her pretty face shows lovers how to live;
Can she see you beneath her velvet sky?
The gentle scent of love is hers to give
And she’s reserved the best for you and I.

And do you dance with moonbeams every night,
While Jupiter and Venus play the air?
The thought of you turns night time to delight
And takes away the day’s unwanted care.

Though sunlight turns your hair to liquid gold
And breezes may blow loneliness away;
It’s dreams that make the best of me unfold
And diamond stars that teach me how to play.

Although by day the two of us are one,
It was the night when happiness begun.