Poetry by Jeff Green


Hot Summer Nights

by cricketjeff on July 19, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a hedgehog eating biscuits in the garden
Making noise enough for half a silver band
When he barges past he never begs for pardon
And he leaves his little footprints in the sand

All the sparrows in their arch are busy fussing
Though they should be fast asleep this time of night
I am almost sure I know what they’re discussing
And I think that it’s discussion not a fight

Soon the fox will start his searching for a dinner
I hope he finds and kills another rat
From the way he’s looking sleek and never thinner
I assume he’s getting rather good at that

With the shadows in the moonlight slowly creeping
Under trees that whisper lullabies to me
It is far too hot for lying down and sleeping
So I’m in the garden dreaming poetry