Poetry by Jeff Green


The Moonlight in the Meadow

by cricketjeff on July 20, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Moonlight in the meadow on a balmy summer night
A grassy bank without a lover’s hand
The whisper of a willow all that’s missing is delight
Sometimes the world is hard to understand

The gentle lapping motion of an ancient wooden boat
A million stars are dancing on the stream
Without you there to hold me I don’t want to stay afloat
I’ll drown inside the safety of a dream

The sky is filled with gemstones and the hedgerow almost sings
While ducks sleep on the water under trees
The ghostly bats patrolling fill the air with silent wings
And faded thoughts of you hang on the breeze

This meadow full of moonlight fills my dreams each summer night
The grassy bank where we once watched the sky
The willow seems to whisper “He’s the fool who lost delight
The night he kissed your lips and said goodbye”