Poetry by Jeff Green


The Goddess

by cricketjeff on July 21, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Her lips were soft as butter as it melted on the toast
We ate on winter evenings after school
She made me every promise that I longed to hear the most
I loved to let her play me for a fool
So young and fresh and beautiful a breath of morning air
A body and a playful mind that she was born to share

Her skin was melted chocolate with a dash of added cream
She poured it over mine on stolen days
A sniff of dark confection and I’m back inside the dream
A monster lost inside a golden maze
So warm and lithe and willing was the angel I acquired
She lived to be inspected, like a statue all admired

She showed me her Nirvana and she offered me the sky
If I would only fly her to the Moon
In public she was teasing and perhaps a little shy
But never when we owned an afternoon
So hot and so inventive such a devil in disguise
She taught me that a goddess only speaks in breathless sighs

Her eyes were deep as caverns filled with sapphires from the sea
And she was like a siren on the shore
A vision of perfection made a lover out of me
And claimed I was the man she would adore
So fickle and so flighty and a mistress of the game
I knew that she would leave me but I loved her just the same