Poetry by Jeff Green


Manershark’s Tales (Fish! You should’a seen the one that got away!)

by cricketjeff on July 26, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We’d been using bait for redneck hadn’t had a single bite,
And we’d run a ton of French-fries but we hadn’t got it right.
There were shoals of teenage emos but they’re far too thin to eat;
Then we almost caught a banker and their flesh is pale and sweet.

It was time to take the boat back so we thought “That’s it today”
Fish! You should’a seen the one that got away!

Then my brother started yelling, there were farmers by the score,
And a group of Southern gentry, maybe twenty five or more;
So we heaved hard on the tiller, till we brought the the boat around,
Started searching for some man-bate that would tempt the men we’d found.

We were getting so excited there were loads of men to play;
Fish! You should’a seen the one that got away!

I put burger on a manhook, threw the line behind the boat,
Had my eye on quite a whopper, in a lovely overcoat,
With the briefest hesitation he was biting on the bate,
But he almost pulled my fins out, he was twice the record weight!

As he tried to loose the manhook he had dreadful things to say,
Fish! You should’a seen the one that got away!

Was it hours or only minutes that I fought to sea that man?
He was smarter than a dolphin, seemed to see through every plan,
Dragged the line through the propeller, sliced that nylon rope in two —
But I caught this handsome Yankee with a plate of Irish stew.

I shall have him stuffed and mounted as a trophy from the bay,
But you should’a seen the one that got away!