Poetry by Jeff Green


A Muddle of Memories

by cricketjeff on July 28, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There were more summer days then,
  winter too,
  snowball fights one Christmas
  snow too deep to stand in another
but mainly
  it was summer
      trees to climb and cricket to play in the alley.
  Wargrave the Worse indoors
      and bicycles out,
a climbing frame bought with
  Ricicle boxtops and our savings.
      Sixpence a week for us,
            sixpence to buy presents with.

A fort, what a fort!
the garage
made for a Christmas before I remember
The red train
and long summer days.

Ken running into the sea
    time and time again,
trains sets and
    Scalextric cars
        Airfix kits
          and dreams of love.

Sitting alone on the bottom step
    not knowing my brother
        was being born

The next one came at lunchtime!

Friends I still see
    my sister
        my brothers
            Mum and Dad
    and chickenpox on my 5th birthday
Holidays with a steamtrain.

Why did we ever leave?

Author notes

Dunno if it’s a poem, but it is my childhood, part of me is still there