Poetry by Jeff Green


The Best Laid Plans

by cricketjeff on July 31, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The chocolate cake was sitting on the plate,
Considering his options carefully.
So many different choices to debate
But only one intended destiny.

His brief existence had a single aim,
A target marked before he came to life.
So sweet a treat would not be held to blame
For hatching plots to help a spiteful wife.

Now Death himself arrived to take a hand,
He swapped the plates, unnoticed at the time.
He knew the awful end that had been planned
And acted to prevent the dreadful crime.

She ate the cake she’d laced with cyanide,
And cake and Death watched laughing as she died.

Author notes

A while ago a discussion on AP centred on personifications of death and a few other things being too old hat for modern writing, and I said I thought that was nonsense, I’d given voices to many things including chocolate cake and death but never in one poem. ecrvain01 said he’d like to see that so …