Poetry by Jeff Green


Help me please

by cricketjeff on December 1, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In your bed, before you sleep
Let your fingers slowly creep
Pleasure there you’ll surely find
A lovely way to clear the mind.

Still in bed, just as you wake
Repeat the dose without mistake.
Private pleasures are just the way
That you should start most every day

Afternoon and no-one’s there?
Time to get your body bare.
I’m not there to do the deeds
You must provide your body’s needs

Fingers sure, maybe a toy
Push your body into joy.
Well before you’ve need to speak
You should have reached a glorious peak.

All day long and all night too,
I just long to pleasure you.
When I’m not there you help me please
Make loving real, not just a tease.

Author notes

Instructions to a distant lover.