Poetry by Jeff Green


Paparazzi Cricketers

by cricketjeff on August 2, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Though she was the finest of stumpers
She danced like the worst of all clumpers
Still she has men queued up
It seems they’ve been clued up
She’s wearing the tightest of jumpers

The smallest and best of the batters
Although she’s the loudest of chatters
Has many admirers
And casual enquirers
A black microdress always flatters

And both of the opening bowlers
Are clearly quite adept controllers
These two cunning bitches
Are drowning in riches
They only date men driving Rollers

Though cricket is what they are famed for
This gorgeous and widely acclaimed four
The papers are filled with
The men who are thrilled with
The exploits these ladies are blamed for!