Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on August 3, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I watched a documentary all about a doctor who
Can fly through time and space inside a box he’s painted blue
I saw it on the telly so I know it must be true
Or maybe I’m more gullible than most

A group sit on a starship that they call the Enterprise
It travels at a speed that makes you gasp and pop your eyes
But it was on the telly so I know it isn’t lies
I’m sure I’m not more gullible than most

In CSI Miami they can solve all major crime
Find each and every bad guy and it takes so little time
The people on the telly must be nearly in their prime
Or else I am more gullible than most

But then they put the news on and my faith just fades away
With politicians swearing they can fix the world today
They’re like a bunch of children who’ve been told it’s time for play
Who know that we’re more gullible than most

It’s getting kinda tricky to decide what things are true
So I have now decided that there’s just one thing to do
I’ll check things for myself and I’d recommend to you
Do not be quite as gullible as most
Or the bastards will soon serve you up on toast!