Poetry by Jeff Green


First Kisses

by cricketjeff on August 4, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Goodnight Kiss

There’s a moment every evening when the day embraces night
And the sky erupts in every golden hue;
When the tiny crescent Venus first condenses into sight
And the Earth collects a coat of gleaming dew.
When the minds of star-touched lovers turn to dreams of gentle sighs
And the silver sheen of moonbeams paints forever in their eyes.

Will we share those first soft kisses when the world dissolves away,
When our eyes are closed but we can clearly see
That the night has made a promise to the memory of day
And the universe explodes for you and me?

As the Sunlight turns to starlight, and the lapis blue to jet,
Every heart that speaks to Cupid feels the change.
Every songbird sings a nocturne and discards the days regret,
As the busy world begins to rearrange.
Then the words of new found lovers turn to softly whispered sighs,
And they fall into each other through the whirlpools of their eyes.

Will we know that evening pleasure, when each kiss means something more
And we find tomorrow’s secrets are revealed,
In those first undreamt of moments, when we know what’s held in store,
As the laws we thought we lived by are repealed?

In that moment every evening when today becomes tonight
And the sunset offers heaven to us all,
When we wait to pray to Venus as she sidles into sight
And the universe is intimate and small,
Then your soul, my reborn lover, will find meaning in my sighs,
And our thoughts will waltz together to the music of our eyes.

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