Poetry by Jeff Green


It’s All for You.

by cricketjeff on August 6, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When our hearts first sang of starlight at the dawning of the mind,
They were champagne to the thirsty, and a rainbow to the blind.
Who could understand true beauty when their soul was fresh and new;
No, the night was not completed till the stars compared with you.
When you speak the winds fall silent, when you smile the sun is shy,
You can turn the frost to springtime in a twinkling of your eye.

When the Moon began to tempt us with her sweet romantic light,
She discovered there was no-one who was worthy of the sight.
All the flowers in the woodlands, all the birds that watched the morn,
Couldn’t quite delight the heavens, till the day that you were born.
In your eyes all colours sparkle, in your dreams all stories soar,
You’re conducting Mother Nature in the music we adore.

In the moment of creation, in that dark primordial soup,
There were echoes of your presence hidden deep within the goop.
As the base-pairs built their helix, on the way to DNA,
They were stretching for the moment they could set their plan in play.
In my life you are the heartbeat, you’re the fifth unfathomed force,
You’re the polar star I steer by, you gave all of us this course.