Poetry by Jeff Green


A lover’s dance

by cricketjeff on December 1, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Your dancing form beguiles my senses
Veils removing, clearing fences
First towards me then away
Is it dance or lover’s play?

Another veil, more body showing
Every part of me is glowing
A kiss and then you spring away
I love this dance of lover’s play

Bending, swaying, teasing, squeezing
All you do I find most pleasing
Another veil you cast away –
Your dance is building lovers’ play

Now you free your breasts for me
Proudly bare for me to see
As you dance they shake and sway
This dance will end in lovers’ play

Finally all clothing lost
Onto me your body tossed
All pretence now put away
The dance is done, now lovers play!