Poetry by Jeff Green


Garden Rain

by cricketjeff on August 10, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I love to see the garden in the rain,
The raspberries taste sweeter when they’re wet,
But drizzle when you’re heading for the train
Will only cause depression and regret.

Now next door’s dogs can take their final run —
Before it’s time they settled for the night;
The evening rain won’t ever spoil their fun,
Though soggy dachshunds really are a sight!

Be quiet now! A frog is on the prowl,
No slug can slide in safety on his beat,
And now I think I’ll find a fluffy towel,
A cup of tea, and just a bite to eat.

I like the rain, it makes the garden shine;
But Moonlit nights are even more divine.

Author notes

The raspberries (golden and dark red varieties), really do taste better when it’s raining, want one?