Poetry by Jeff Green


Too many tragedies

by cricketjeff on August 11, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Fourteen million people suffer in the Pakistan monsoon
And Moscow streets are burning in the baked-dry afternoon
In China there is flooding and the same in India’s hills
Afghanistanis labour under purely human ills
Although we can’t be certain that it’s always us to blame
To blithely carry on the same’s a suicidal game

It’s time to think of others and the way we treat the Earth
Of all the best of living and of what the future’s worth
Then open up your wallet give some cash to charity
While turning down the air-con so you save some energy.
We can’t leave it all to others there’s a role for me and you
Preserving what was left us while constructing something new
Fourteen million people this time, even if we’re not to blame
We should do our best to help them or go out and die of shame!