Poetry by Jeff Green


Perseid dreams (a luc bat)

by cricketjeff on August 12, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The sky was dreary grey
But as the hour turned day to night
The blue came into sight,
The stargazers’ delight appeared.
The boy inside me cheered
To see, what I had feared I’d miss
This year; the comets kiss,
The rain of dust that’s bliss to see,
The Perseid’s poetry
Of lights above brings me a smile
That’s bound to last a while.
Those meteors beguile the heart
And so perhaps I’ll start
To know we’re not apart to stay.

Author notes

A “luc bat” (Vietnamese for six eight) is a poem of alternating six and eight syllable lines which have a rhyming pattern for the sixth syllable and the end syllable of each line that goes like this


and so on until


It can have any number of lines but the last must be turned back onto the first.

I know a number of poets here have written good ones, I don’t think my attempt is, the heavy enjambment disturbs me, but it was interesting to try it out