Poetry by Jeff Green


Loving a Poet

by cricketjeff on August 14, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want to watch the waves of words
That wander through your mind
And marvel as majestic herds
Of meanings are defined
I need to feel the poetry
That lives inside your soul
And feeds the endless ecstasy
That makes your spirit whole

When metaphors make music and you dance with similes
When rhyme becomes the reason for your literary disease
Then I will find my essence in your presence on the page
And live beyond the yearnings that your writing can assuage

I want to settle down each night
A whisper in your heart
Where every beat can bring delight
And tender dreams can start

You love alliteration and your thoughts personify
The Moon and all her servants as they decorate the sky
And I can find my future in the mysteries you weave
The magic you’re creating is so easy to believe

I want to see the worlds you dream
Before you make them real
And join you as you sail the stream
Of hopes you only feel
Together we can start to write
The life we long to share
Where every night the stars are bright
And love is in the air