Poetry by Jeff Green


An interlude

by cricketjeff on December 1, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You move towards me sensually
You touch my hand eventually
I pull you on my lap to kiss
What a way to live is this

  On your knees I sit and melt
  When your lips on mine are felt
  Not just your lips, your tongue’s there too
  All of me I’d give to you

Wrap you in my arms and squeeze
Your tongue within my mouth to tease
On my lap you start to move
How can a day like this improve

  Your hands explore, my legs, my back
  I can’t sit still I start to crack
  As you start to touch my skin
  Each touch outside I feel within

You clothing starts to drift away
While you within are here to stay
Caressing and undressing you
Every day with you is new

  Now it’s you that I’m undressing
  Every part I’ll be possessing
  The day continues into night
  But we two now drop out of sight…