Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on August 17, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The multi-coloured daydreams of a lover fade away
As years and disappointments turn the spectrum into grey.

You meet in golden sunshine under sapphire shades of blue
And give her dark red roses in a bunch;
You wear the tie she bought you, it’s a rather shocking hue,
And walk through beds of flowers, eating lunch.
Her eyes are deep and hazel, and her hair’s a reddish brown,
Her dress is bright and tempting as you walk around your town.

But multi-coloured daydreams always seem to fade away,
And rainbows only flatter; soon the sky returns to grey.

Your life is green and vibrant when the lips you kiss are red,
Though foolish blues may sometimes touch your heart.
Your dreams are regal purple when she tempts you into bed
And crazy coloured flashes seem to start.
Her skin’s a shade of olive when she comes in from the sun
And life’s an abstract painting that’s exploding into fun.

Till multi-coloured daydreams slowly start to fade away
And living loses lustre on the way to dull and grey.

It’s such a rosy prospect, every colour has a place,
Are there the shades to suit each changing mood?
You see a perfect palette in the sunshine of her face,
And taste the hues of every kind of food.
No monotones oppress you when there’s loving in control,
You learn to love the spectrum that has livened up your soul.

And multi-coloured daydreams never really fade away
It only takes a pretty face to lift the veil of grey!