Poetry by Jeff Green


I like being a teddy!

by cricketjeff on December 1, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The world is quite a funny place
But while I see your happy face
Then I’m a happy teddy
When you are sad I cuddle you
When things get tough unmuddle you
So I’m a happy teddy

We stay together everyday
We play together every way
That makes a happy Teddy
You sometimes hold me upside down
But you could never make me frown
I am a loving teddy

In your bed while you’re asleep
I sometimes in your dreamland creep
To be a happy teddy
You carry me around with you
I tag along whatever you do
That makes a happy teddy

If things go wrong I take the blame
I help you play in any game
I am a useful teddy
And when the day has come to end
I’ll go to bed with you, my friend
That is the place for teddy!

Author notes

In case you haven’t worked it out written from the teddy’s viewpoint, it was too cheeky to do it as a Glowbug!!!