Poetry by Jeff Green


A day without your laughter

by cricketjeff on August 23, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A day without your laughter
          is a glass without the wine
You give me “ever after”
          and you make today divine
I feel your happy smiling
          when the Moon begins to rise
And life becomes beguiling
          when reflected in your eyes

You whisper all the answers
          to the questions never asked
Make music for the dancers
          as their cabaret’s unmasked
You mend each broken moment
          with a single tender kiss
The passions that you foment
          are an overture to bliss

I can’t conceive of living
          in a world without your touch
The gifts you keep on giving
          make each hour worth twice as much
And since the day I met you
          I have witnessed the divine
Please stay here and I’ll let you
          drink my cellar full of wine