Poetry by Jeff Green


Working Sandwich

by cricketjeff on August 24, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

With clouds like little children paint in pictures of the sky
A breeze to tease the talking trees and help the sparrows fly
A Squirrel looking hopeful as he runs along the wall
It doesn’t seem a working day at all

There’s blackberries for picking through an ancient wrought iron fence
As sweet as strawberry icecream but at rather less expense
That carpark’s not a meadow but it’s fringed with meadow flowers
And I could watch its birds and bugs for hours

But hoards of smoking lorries hurtle past without concern
And car’s disgruntled drivers seethe and head away to earn
The sky is losing lustre and it’s filling up with grey
Reminding me today’s a normal day

I’m walking past the traffic as it heads for Hanger Lane
And then while in the office I sit looking out at rain
But when it’s time for leaving there’s a gentle evening sun
The beauty’s back now dreary work is done