Poetry by Jeff Green


In Praise of Breakfast

by cricketjeff on August 25, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The French are rightly famous for foie gras and all that cheese;
The Germans for their sausages and beer.
The Belgians, chips and chocolate, Spanish fish is bound to please,
In Austria a cake is always near.
But in Britain we have breakfast, sausage, bacon, eggs and toast;
And no other modern nation has a better meal to boast.

Americans like burgers, and some fat-sticks they call fries,
And Egypt had the first falafel wrap.
The Lebanese love couscous and the Bedouin, sheep’s eyes.
The Greeks eat feta till they need a nap.
But in Britain we have breakfast, and it ends in marmalade,
And it’s on such mighty mealtimes that a nation’s fame is made.

The Chinese love their noodles, in Japan it’s sushi time,
Koreans think that kimchi is the thing.
Some of what they eat in Russia is a culinary crime,
In Australia a barbied shrimp is king.
But in Britain we have breakfast (and at any time of day)
Eggy bread or cold black pudding isn’t what I mean, OK?

There are lamb chops up in Barnsley, there is shortbread from Dundee,
And the clotted cream in Cornwall is the best.
Have some pork with crunchy crackling, ginger biscuits with your tea,
And an Angus steak is better than the rest.
But in Britain it’s the breakfast that will tempt us out of bed,
There’ll be sausage, egg, and bacon, and of course there’ll be fried bread!

Author notes

Actually I never have fried bread, sadly it is rather too calorific …

And I’d have extra bacon rather than the egg