Poetry by Jeff Green


Made for Each Other

by cricketjeff on August 27, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She dreamed of his kiss and the taste of his lips
So she fluttered her eyes and she wiggled her hips
But he dreamed of sailing on beautiful ships
They’re not a compatible pair

She wanted a sportsman with money to burn
A god in the bedroom no woman would spurn
He lived for quizzes and things he could learn
She’s round and he’s terribly square

He quite liked a redhead, she’s platinum blonde
He likes his films factual, she’s fond of James Bond
She wants him right now but he dreams of beyond
There’s nothing this pair seem to share

He’s wedded to science she reads horoscopes
He’s always prepared but she only just copes
She knows what she wants but he’s learning the ropes
You can’t mate a bull and a bear

If you think she’s water he’s certainly oil
He fences with broadswords she chooses a foil
She loves living easy he’s happy to toil
Their worlds do not touch anywhere

But down at the pub she drank wine by the glass
He swallowed three beers and he noticed her class
She fell for his brains and he fell for her arse
A drink sets you up for a dare

The wedding was formal he would have worn jeans
He ordered a burger she only ate greens
But they love each other like google-eyed teens
A marriage beyond all compare!

Author notes

I saw a pair on the train who appeared as well matched as fillet steak and engine oil.